Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Soy Mason Jar Candles Make Me Think of Summer’s End.

What do you think of when you see a Mason canning jar? When I was young I remember my Mom canning pickles, green beans, and apple sauce. She would water bath them. I loved to hear the lids go “pop” which I knew was a good thing! When I got married and started canning I had a pressure canner. I also had a larger family than my Mom so I used quart Mason jars instead of the pint size that Mom usually used. Like my Mom, I canned pickles, green beans and applesauce along with peaches and a few times some deer meat. Now our family of seven is once again just the two of us and I do not can very often. And now the Mason jars have a new memory for me…Papa is using Mason jars for some delicious smelling scented soy candles. Already they are my favorite!

I love making memories and no matter how old you get, every day is another day to make a memory. Let’s see….today he is making Pumpkin all natural soy candles and it already smells wonderful around here! 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Apple Orchards and Soy Candles Precious Memories.

As a child growing up in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in New York State, late summer and early fall was my favorite time of the year. Going shopping for school supplies and new clothes, leaves turning colors, candles burning and crickets chirping. My favorite part of fall was driving down the road to the apple orchard and watching my parents choose a couple bushels of apples. My brother and I got to eat one on the way home. I remember the delicious aroma of the Macintosh apples. That is why I like to burn our Macintosh soy candle. It smells like the pungent scents of the apples in that orchard. And our soy candles are just as safe and chemical free as the apples were in those days. Everything was pretty much organic then. And remember our 100% soy candles burn clean right down to the bottom!

                                                                                                                                                               Papa’s wife

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Soy Candles Dairy.

Here at Papa's Candle Shoppe we like to think that we make a great soy candle.

We would like to list some of the reviews that we have received from our customers.

Quality product!Been buying Papa's candles for a while now. FABULOUS scents! Even clean burning! By the case is a great value. Buy with confidence!
Love these candles!I love these candles, and would recommend them to anyone/everyone!! They are very fragrant and they burn very well. Never any waste of leftover candle wax on the sides of the jar.
Papa's candlesI really love my Papa's candles. I order the 6-pack jelly jar often and I enjoy all the scents. They are wonderful and long lasting and always at a great price❤ï
Soy Jelly Jar PacksAmazing candles! Very fast shipping, long lasting fragrance, & great prices! Can't beat these candles!! Will never buy candles anywhere else!
Here is just a few of the 100's of reviews that we received.  I thought that you might enjoy them.


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Falls Scents Part 2

Soy candles and fall are a perfect match.

Another week has past and Fall is even closer. Lets move forward with last week subject and discuss some more of our fall scents. We will continual with more baking scents.

  • Hot Apple Pie - This one is defiantly a winner the aroma of baked apples with a buttery crust interwoven with a light aroma of cinnamon and cloves. Smells like Mom just removed it from the oven.
  • Pecan Pie - This one is a southern favorite, sweet custard and toasted pecans. Light this soy candle and your guest will be looking around your home for some pie. 
  • Pumpkin Souffle -  This is truly one of our favorites. Aroma just bursting with pumpkin and other irresistible notes of butter, sugar and spices. This one makes the house smells so homey.
A few more scents for you to enjoy why not order some today?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ready Or Not Here Comes The Fall.

Soy Candles are great for fall decorating. 

Today's date is August 4th can you believe that fall is just a little over one month away. Wow! where does time go to. Speaking of Fall and decorating for the season I can help but think that Papa's Candle Shoppe candles go great with any decor. Here are a few of our scents.

  • Apple Spice - This is a great fall aroma. It has a great scent throw both hot and cold of apples with some cinnamon and cloves throw in. This is truly one of our customers favorites.
  • Banana Nut Bread - This is a wonderful homey aroma. It offers the scent of someone baking banana nut bread in the kitchen on one of those cold fall days. Delicious!
  • Gingerbread House - Another one of those baking in the kitchen aromas. Sweet gingerbread with a touch of raisin and icing making your home smell yummy.  
  • Macintosh Apple - A great apple scent making any room smell like you just brought in a bushel of mac apples from the orchard.
For all of you who love the Fall season do not despair it will be here before we know it.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mid Summer Dreams Of A Candle Maker.

Today's Date July 25, five months till Christmas. If only you could have a special telescope and be able to look into the future. If this was possible then you would see what the falls trends would be. What soy candles would be the ones to fly off the shelf and what ones would be slow movers. That way I would know which ones I needed to make large amounts of and which to only make a few. I would know what style of candles would be popular and which would need to be put on the back shelf.

A candle makers dream would be to have all his ducks in a row so that all he had to do was make soy candles. Also it would be great if he knew just the right keywords for his SEO and have just the right ads for his AdWords account. The ones that would catch the customers eye to get them to come to his website. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is why can't life be simpler but then again how challenging and exciting would a simple life be?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Soy Candles - You Bought Then Now You Want Them.

Soy Candles delivered quickly and free to your door.

There is just something about it. Once you have bought a item no matter the size or cost there is just something inside you that wants to get it, handle it and to know that it is yours. I do believe that all of us are the same in this area.

So it is with online purchasing whether it be soy candles or office supplies. You have made your purchase and now you want to receive it as quickly as possible. Nothing can be more annoying when after the order has been made that you have to wait days to hear from the business that you have decided to purchase your item from that they have ship your item. And then on top of that they want to charge you a shipping and handling charge. Talk about adding pain on top of misery.

Not so with Papa's Candle Shoppe, we have shelves just filled with candles waiting to fly off them and be ship quickly to our many customers homes. (Just read our reviews)  That is why we ship in one business day and use FREE priority mail services with orders over 13 oz. (13 oz or lower we use first class.)  Combine these two services together that will give you, not only satisfied customers, but candles arriving in 2 to 3 business days from the day that they have placed the order. 

This is why we can say Soy Candles delivered quickly and free to your door.  

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Soy Candles, You Own It So Take Care Of It.

How to get the most from your soy candle purchase.

You have searched the internet over and found a great soy candle company and have bought some awesome candles. So what do you do next? How do you get the most out of your investment when it comes to soy candles. Here are a few tips to help you get maximum life out of your candles.
  • Before you light your soy candle for the  first time make sure that the wick has been trimmed a 1/4". This will keep your flame at just the right height to give you hours of enjoyable burning.
  • First burn is vitally important. Make sure that you burn your candle so the top is liquid across the entire top of the candle. Your wick has a memory, The next time you burn the candle it will remember and continual to burn all the way across even if you only burn it a short time.
  • Do not burn longer then 4 hours. You want to let the soy wax solidify after you can relight and enjoy for another four hours. Burning this way will prolong your candle life.
  • Do not freeze your candle. This will not make your candle burn longer but it may cause condensation and water to appear in your soy wax.
Follow these few simple steps and enjoy your natural clean burning soy candles for a very long time.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Summertime Is The Time For Soy Candle Tarts To Shine.

The fragrance of soy candle tarts are a welcoming change in the summer months.

As the days start getting longer and defiantly warmer it is time to make a change though it may be small it will be noticeable. Gone will be the flickering flame of your candles and in its place will be the soft glow of a low watt bulb in a tart warmer made by Irvine Tin Ware  or some other manufacturer.

The plus side of a tarts is that some candle companies will be able to put a lot more scent into the tarts because there is not a burning wick like as in a candle, there is no wicks in tart so more scent will not clog  it and the extra scent will make the tart last longer. 

These tarts come in all shapes and sizes. They may be star shape or look like a doughnut some even come in what is like a clam shell with 6 brake away tarts but all of them will be pack full of a delicious scent just waiting to be melted down letting their aroma fill a room in your home.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Why Free Shipping Is Better Than Sliced Bread.

Soy Candles and priority free shipping go hand in hand.

Have you ever had the experience of shopping online, see an item that you love and just have to have it. In fact it is just perfect. The right color, the right size, the right style and the best part is it is the right price. You grab your wallet to get your credit card and wait for the check out page to load up so you can buy, only to see a different total you are being charged. Looking at your bill you see that the extra charge comes from Shipping and Handling!  

Shipping and Handling is a profit making technique for a lot of companies. The customer will many time get charged double even triple for what is referred to as shipping and handling. A customer buys a $5.00 item and gets charged $10. - $12.00 for  shipping, making an item that seems to be reasonable become quite costly. Another way this works is that you have to spend over a certain amount to get free shipping, holding the customer that only wants one or two items captive.
Free Shipping - Any Size Order

Papa's Candle Shoppe  does not play these games. We believe that what you see for a price on our soy candles is what you will pay at the check out page. Free Shipping is not only our policy but about 98% of the time it goes hand in hand with priority shipping. (candle orders under 13 oz. ships 1st class) This makes our customers very happy (just read our reviews) they pay the price they see on our soy candles with no extra or hidden fees and get their soy candles within two to three business days. 

I hope as the internet is becoming the place to do most, if not all of our shopping that more companies will take on this policy.  Remember that free shipping, is the next best thing to slice bread... Just ask Grandma. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

How to make soy candles a super easy way.

Making Soy Candles A Cure For Summertime Restlessness. 

We are now into the month of July (mid-summer I guess you could say) If you have children around the words "I'm so bored we have nothing to do." is being heard more and more frequently. Well here is a solution to all this whining that you have heard around the house lately. Gather the children around and just see how easy it is to make soy candles. Here is a easy way to make soy candles the easy and stress free, by just using a microwave and our starter kit.  We even have it in video format. 

Now take 10 minute, set down and watch this great video and see just how easy it is to make some scented soy candles

This is something the whole family can enjoy or just yourself. If you need supplies just order our basic starter kit and we will send you the basic supplies that you will need.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Why Soy Candles Remind Me Of Holidays.

Soy Candles and Holidays have a couple things in common.

Today is Friday the 3rd of July so that means that we are heading for a National Holiday, Independence Day.  So you ask me why would soy candles remind you of a holiday? (Glad that you asked)

  1. Holiday seem to bring a warm cozy family get together atmosphere. It just seems like this is the time families gather together for picnics, times of laughter and fun creating that warm fuzzy feeling.  Just like when you light a soy candle and sit down for the evening with your better half you start feeling that cozy feeling and it just seem like a time of relaxing and warmth.
  2. Holidays seem to have different aroma affiliated with them. Christmas has those pine smells just like blue spruce, fraiser fir or spice like Christmas Hearth. Thanksgiving some of those baking aromas like banana nut bread, apple walnut bread and the different aromas of pies. (pumpkin, pecan and many others ) Just like our soy candles we can create many different memories just by lighting a candle and enjoying the beautiful scent coming from them.
Just a couple thoughts that I had today. I need to get busy and make some banana nut bread soy candles so we don't run out (believe it or not people still buy food scented candles in the middle of summer.) 

Everyone have a fun filled and safe 4th of July and burn a couple of delicious soy candles

God Bless America

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Warning: Soy Candles, you’re losing money by not using them.

Soy candles what is there about them that can save you a bundle of money and exasperation.  

Have you ever had this experience: after a hard day at work coming home and as soon as you get there you head for your candle supply. Just thinking of relaxing and lighting a candle propping up your feet grabbing a cold glass of ice tea then leaning back and letting the tea and candles aroma just kind of making your frustrations disappear and melt away.

As you reach your candle supply shelf you notice that the candles all look like they have burned down through the center and left a lot of wax clinging to the glass. Something else that is missing is the fragrance.  After there have burned for a while regular candles seem to lose their punch when it comes to the aroma that they will produce as they burn. So another candle hit the trash can as you turn in exasperation set the ice tea back in the refrigerator and head for your computer to check your email.

Here is where soy candles can save you a lot of money. Not only are you getting a cleaner burning candle (you don’t get the soot and black stains on your wall.) You also get a candle that burns clean right in the jar. As a soy candle burns you will not find the wax clinging to the jar like in regular candles. Also the aroma last right to the bottom of the jar.

That is why a soy company like Papa’s Candle Shoppe can give a Guaranteed to burn clean.... right down to the bottom of the jar while keeping their robust aroma or we'll replace them free.

So remember even if the price is a little higher (and most of the time it isn’t) Buy soy candles. And like we always say   If the label says Papa’s Candle Shoppe the it is excellence in Soy.

Friday, June 26, 2015

5 Items on my, I don't want to do list.

Even Soy Candle Makers Have There Day. 

Have you ever woken up and just felt well I guess you could say lazy. Today is Friday the 26th and 5 months from now we will be going full speed ahead replenishing our Soy Candles stock and shipping out many packages of candles you know the ones that don't cost our customers any shipping cost because of our free shipping policy. 

But right at the moment I can list at least 5 things I would like to skip doing today.

  1. I would like to take a break from all of this SEO stuff that is giving me a giant headache. (well maybe that is exaggerated) because I do enjoy this but some of it at times can be very overwhelming, like saying that one has to keep their blog current and up to date. Oh well. (sigh)
  2. Even though I do enjoy making highly scented soy candles and selling them to customers all over the world at time I feel like I would like to take a few days off. Since it is summertime I am thinking of seriously doing that. We will update our customers later on the date.
  3. Clean up my work area. I have heard said that the sign of a genius is a cluttered desk. (I can't seem to convince my wife on that one.) But then to think of it my desk isn't really cluttered I know right where everything is. Just ask me to get you something and I will be able to get it for you right away.  Well most of the time. Well sometime.
  4. I would like to just sit by the fish pond instead of working on the fish pond. The Koi and gold fish seem so content just swimming back and forth but if I am going to keep that crystal clear water looking that way then I need to clean the filters and pump area and keep the green plants from growing into the pond. (another sigh)
  5. Cleaning out the storage sheds would be another item on my not to do list. Those 50 pound boxes of soy wax and candle jars can get heavy to move and besides that it gets pretty warm in those sheds this time of year. 
Oh well that is enough day dreaming so I better hurry and get back to work before the real boss shows up. You know what they say Papa's Candle Shoppe run by Nana. (third sigh)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Why The Soy Candle Maker Can't Say Lazy Days Of Summer.

Soy Candle Shoppes Always Stay Busy.

Even though we are in those hazy, lazy, crazy days of summertime. We here, at Papa’s Candle Shoppe, makers of fine soy candles, are not so lazy, maybe just possibly a little crazy. We have lower some of our prices for the summer months, check out our Deal of the Day Specials and you will see why I say crazy.

Now is the time to replenish your dwindling supplies of   highly scented soy candles. Remember that our scented candles add beauty to any decor both the  8 oz Jelly jar and the 27 oz Double Wick Vibe Jar. These soy candles do a great job in freshening up a room and bring in some of those floral scents that usually get shut out of the home because of the stuffy closed feeling you get when running air condition units.
Not so lazy I say because now is the time to build up our supplies for the upcoming busy months of the fall and Holidays. So we here at Papa’sCandle Shoppe are working and preparing so that we can be at the top of our game to bring you the best in scented soy candles.

Remember if the label says Papa’s Candle Shoppe… then it is Excellence in Soy!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Soy Candles Quicker Delivery and Lower Prices During The Summer Months.

Now Is The Time To Buy Scented Soy Candles.

Even as the days are getting warmer and longer. (summertime) Sales for soy candles do have a tendency to cool some and be not as hot as they are in the fall and winter. Giving you an advantage when it comes to stocking up and getting candles for your home. 

Why purchase soy candles at this time of year? Since candle makers use this time to plan for new inventory and candle designs they too are aware of the slowness of the season. All there seasonal wholesale buyers have already stock up in the spring and wanting to keep funds flowing into the business they are more then ready to lower there prices and offer free fast shipping on there soy candles. This brings cash into the business and lowers the old inventory making ready for fresh inflow of candles.

Take time to light a candle and freshen up the home and as you do, remember now is the time to buy and save.