Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Candle, Is A Candle, Is A Candle, True or False?

A candle is a candle… True or False?  If you said false, you are correct and if you are searching for a quality candle but have not given much thought about it in the past, here are some simple guidelines for you  to follow to get the best candle for your money.

Which candle do I want to buy, soy or paraffin? Here are some facts about the two types of candles.

           1. Paraffin is a byproduct of oil, bottom of the barrel so to speak. Even below your asphalt. It is the final product in refining petroleum.

           2. Soy wax is all natural made from soy beans and other vegetable waxes. It burns cleaner, lasts longer (burns at a lower temp) and helps the American farmer. Soy wax contains no toxic chemicals and does not put your health at risk like paraffin does.

        3. Paraffin candles burn with a black soot (of course…. it’s made from petroleum!) 

           4. Soy candles produce soot but it is lighter and a white soot.

           5. Soy candles clean up with warm soap and water and paraffin does not.

           6. Soy candles last an average of  25% to 30% longer.

        7. Soy wax is much more cost effective as it is made from a renewable source and not from petroleum which is becoming higher priced each year.

As you can see soy candles seem to be the right burn for your money. So as you go out to buy that candles think soy, think American, Think Papa's Candle Shoppe!

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