Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Candle, Is A Candle, Is A Candle, True or False?

A candle is a candle… True or False?  If you said false, you are correct and if you are searching for a quality candle but have not given much thought about it in the past, here are some simple guidelines for you  to follow to get the best candle for your money.

Which candle do I want to buy, soy or paraffin? Here are some facts about the two types of candles.

           1. Paraffin is a byproduct of oil, bottom of the barrel so to speak. Even below your asphalt. It is the final product in refining petroleum.

           2. Soy wax is all natural made from soy beans and other vegetable waxes. It burns cleaner, lasts longer (burns at a lower temp) and helps the American farmer. Soy wax contains no toxic chemicals and does not put your health at risk like paraffin does.

        3. Paraffin candles burn with a black soot (of course…. it’s made from petroleum!) 

           4. Soy candles produce soot but it is lighter and a white soot.

           5. Soy candles clean up with warm soap and water and paraffin does not.

           6. Soy candles last an average of  25% to 30% longer.

        7. Soy wax is much more cost effective as it is made from a renewable source and not from petroleum which is becoming higher priced each year.

As you can see soy candles seem to be the right burn for your money. So as you go out to buy that candles think soy, think American, Think Papa's Candle Shoppe!

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Monday, November 7, 2011

So where Have All the Communicators Gone to?

A little while back I found myself presenting my wife directions on ways to get to a specific place. Cross the bridge and take your very first right; that will put you on the highway traveling north to get you where you desire to go. A little while later I received a stressful cell phone call from my significant other asking me, am I suppose to be proceeding south? What I failed to communicate with her was in exactly what way she was proceeding when she crossed the bridge and took the 1st right. For the truth is there had been two approaches to get to this bridge. I was communicating in my thought process one way there and she imagined proceeding the opposite way.

 It seems so odd that these days we now have a multitude of methods of talking to each other; cellular phones, texting, live chat, home phones, satellite phones, E-mails, but such of a lack of communicating adequately. In order to actually communicate one will need to initially converse and wait for a answer back from the individual he is speaking to; so as to realize that the latter has recognized and comprehended his instructions. Answering equipment, text messaging and even E-mails, are not the correct kinds of communicating with one another. You don't know if the person received the message or if he totally understood it. Lots of times it is actually important after you are conversing with an individual to have these individuals say again back to you exactly what you've stated to make sure they fully understood. 

Have you actually played gossip at a get together in which one particular person whispers a specific thing to another and then it is done again for the next person till everyone has had a chance at It. In most cases it doesn't bear much resemblance to your original version and most people has a laugh. That's the key reason why it truly is so critical for you to make positive that the individual you might be conversing with recognizes exactly what you happen to be telling. 

It truly is even more necessary in a day when you would feel the opposite is true. You will find numerous methods to reach out and touch somebody that it seem we are able to become very sloppy and also have a nonchalant mindset in this area. Even within the vicinity of our own online shops and e-business. How do you presume a customer feels whenever she or he orders some thing from a shop then either has a question or just wants to talk to an individual from that business. Normally there isn't a business phone number to contact anybody so all you can do is email them and wait and wait some more despite the fact that nobody communicates back to you. An individual start to ponder, is this location for real or did I just lose my hard earned cash on this item? I feel it can be even more essential to convey in our world today, when a customer is not going to know you and cannot see your retail shop if you happen to even have one.

 My spouse and I own an e-business which happens to be Papa's Candle Shoppe. This internet business means a great deal to our family, so we are fast to get back to a shopper mainly because we know despite the fact that there are lots of good soy candle makers on the market, the way to separate the superior from the top is in this area of staying in contact and communicating with our buyers. We adhere to several techniques that's extremely valuable.

1.     When somebody e-mails you having a problem or query get back as soon as possable ( clients love you for doing this.)
2. You may want to acquire a cell phone to be sure that your email can go straight to you and hence you realize the moment someone has a question. (Make sure you check it often)
3. No matter how little the issue may appear to be. treat it with high priority. (Exactly the way you would want a business enterprise to respond to you.)

Men and women appreciate reading other customer critiques and feedback on your internet site but still want to hear from you. It doesn't matter if you do have the best scented soy candles  and wax melts in America, or whatever other items you happen to be selling, you still need to see the importance of the art of communication.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Our Story

Located in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania is a quaint little place called Papa’s Candle Shoppe. I chose that name because my little Grandkids call me Papa! We began our candle making business in December of 2009. I have four daughters and a wife who loves to burn candles and they were not satisfied with the quality they were getting from other name brand candles.  So, since I am a chef who is  always searching for ways to improve on recipes, I went to work making top of the line candles.  And since my wife and daughters are “nuts” about healthy living and always filling my kitchen with herbs or raw and organic foods,   I decided to go green with my candles and make them with all natural “soy.”’ We tested out candles for months with our family and friends until we got the perfect candle with the best scent and then put them on the web, where they are selling extremely well.  I know that there are many candle makers that put out a great product so if Papa’s Candle Shoppe was to be #1, I would not only have to be #1 in selling the BEST candles but also in customer service as well as shipping.  We decided that  Papa’s Candle Shoppe would offer free shipping if you spend $25 or more and we always ship the same day as long as  your order is received  by 3:30 pm EST.  We are so confident that our product cannot be beat, that we put a guarantee on them to burn clean.... right down to the bottom of the jar while keeping their robust aroma or we'll replace them free. 
So, if the label says Papa’sCandle Shoppe then it is.... Excellence in Soy!

I'd rather be making candles.

I am not a blogger but they tell me that this is important to get your rating up on Google search, so here we go.