Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Soy Mason Jar Candles Make Me Think of Summer’s End.

What do you think of when you see a Mason canning jar? When I was young I remember my Mom canning pickles, green beans, and apple sauce. She would water bath them. I loved to hear the lids go “pop” which I knew was a good thing! When I got married and started canning I had a pressure canner. I also had a larger family than my Mom so I used quart Mason jars instead of the pint size that Mom usually used. Like my Mom, I canned pickles, green beans and applesauce along with peaches and a few times some deer meat. Now our family of seven is once again just the two of us and I do not can very often. And now the Mason jars have a new memory for me…Papa is using Mason jars for some delicious smelling scented soy candles. Already they are my favorite!

I love making memories and no matter how old you get, every day is another day to make a memory. Let’s see….today he is making Pumpkin all natural soy candles and it already smells wonderful around here! 

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