Friday, July 3, 2015

Why Soy Candles Remind Me Of Holidays.

Soy Candles and Holidays have a couple things in common.

Today is Friday the 3rd of July so that means that we are heading for a National Holiday, Independence Day.  So you ask me why would soy candles remind you of a holiday? (Glad that you asked)

  1. Holiday seem to bring a warm cozy family get together atmosphere. It just seems like this is the time families gather together for picnics, times of laughter and fun creating that warm fuzzy feeling.  Just like when you light a soy candle and sit down for the evening with your better half you start feeling that cozy feeling and it just seem like a time of relaxing and warmth.
  2. Holidays seem to have different aroma affiliated with them. Christmas has those pine smells just like blue spruce, fraiser fir or spice like Christmas Hearth. Thanksgiving some of those baking aromas like banana nut bread, apple walnut bread and the different aromas of pies. (pumpkin, pecan and many others ) Just like our soy candles we can create many different memories just by lighting a candle and enjoying the beautiful scent coming from them.
Just a couple thoughts that I had today. I need to get busy and make some banana nut bread soy candles so we don't run out (believe it or not people still buy food scented candles in the middle of summer.) 

Everyone have a fun filled and safe 4th of July and burn a couple of delicious soy candles

God Bless America

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