Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Warning: Soy Candles, you’re losing money by not using them.

Soy candles what is there about them that can save you a bundle of money and exasperation.  

Have you ever had this experience: after a hard day at work coming home and as soon as you get there you head for your candle supply. Just thinking of relaxing and lighting a candle propping up your feet grabbing a cold glass of ice tea then leaning back and letting the tea and candles aroma just kind of making your frustrations disappear and melt away.

As you reach your candle supply shelf you notice that the candles all look like they have burned down through the center and left a lot of wax clinging to the glass. Something else that is missing is the fragrance.  After there have burned for a while regular candles seem to lose their punch when it comes to the aroma that they will produce as they burn. So another candle hit the trash can as you turn in exasperation set the ice tea back in the refrigerator and head for your computer to check your email.

Here is where soy candles can save you a lot of money. Not only are you getting a cleaner burning candle (you don’t get the soot and black stains on your wall.) You also get a candle that burns clean right in the jar. As a soy candle burns you will not find the wax clinging to the jar like in regular candles. Also the aroma last right to the bottom of the jar.

That is why a soy company like Papa’s Candle Shoppe can give a Guaranteed to burn clean.... right down to the bottom of the jar while keeping their robust aroma or we'll replace them free.

So remember even if the price is a little higher (and most of the time it isn’t) Buy soy candles. And like we always say   If the label says Papa’s Candle Shoppe the it is excellence in Soy.

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