Friday, June 26, 2015

5 Items on my, I don't want to do list.

Even Soy Candle Makers Have There Day. 

Have you ever woken up and just felt well I guess you could say lazy. Today is Friday the 26th and 5 months from now we will be going full speed ahead replenishing our Soy Candles stock and shipping out many packages of candles you know the ones that don't cost our customers any shipping cost because of our free shipping policy. 

But right at the moment I can list at least 5 things I would like to skip doing today.

  1. I would like to take a break from all of this SEO stuff that is giving me a giant headache. (well maybe that is exaggerated) because I do enjoy this but some of it at times can be very overwhelming, like saying that one has to keep their blog current and up to date. Oh well. (sigh)
  2. Even though I do enjoy making highly scented soy candles and selling them to customers all over the world at time I feel like I would like to take a few days off. Since it is summertime I am thinking of seriously doing that. We will update our customers later on the date.
  3. Clean up my work area. I have heard said that the sign of a genius is a cluttered desk. (I can't seem to convince my wife on that one.) But then to think of it my desk isn't really cluttered I know right where everything is. Just ask me to get you something and I will be able to get it for you right away.  Well most of the time. Well sometime.
  4. I would like to just sit by the fish pond instead of working on the fish pond. The Koi and gold fish seem so content just swimming back and forth but if I am going to keep that crystal clear water looking that way then I need to clean the filters and pump area and keep the green plants from growing into the pond. (another sigh)
  5. Cleaning out the storage sheds would be another item on my not to do list. Those 50 pound boxes of soy wax and candle jars can get heavy to move and besides that it gets pretty warm in those sheds this time of year. 
Oh well that is enough day dreaming so I better hurry and get back to work before the real boss shows up. You know what they say Papa's Candle Shoppe run by Nana. (third sigh)

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