Monday, July 13, 2015

Summertime Is The Time For Soy Candle Tarts To Shine.

The fragrance of soy candle tarts are a welcoming change in the summer months.

As the days start getting longer and defiantly warmer it is time to make a change though it may be small it will be noticeable. Gone will be the flickering flame of your candles and in its place will be the soft glow of a low watt bulb in a tart warmer made by Irvine Tin Ware  or some other manufacturer.

The plus side of a tarts is that some candle companies will be able to put a lot more scent into the tarts because there is not a burning wick like as in a candle, there is no wicks in tart so more scent will not clog  it and the extra scent will make the tart last longer. 

These tarts come in all shapes and sizes. They may be star shape or look like a doughnut some even come in what is like a clam shell with 6 brake away tarts but all of them will be pack full of a delicious scent just waiting to be melted down letting their aroma fill a room in your home.

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